Mobile Forms Drive Digital Transformation For Alpine

Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Contractors are headquartered in Paterson, New Jersey. They employ a full support staff including administration, operations, estimating, project management, engineering, sales and customer service. Along with these staff members, they also employ specialists that provide services that range from chemical stripping to maintenance painting to vacuum blasting. Providing this wide range of services, Alpine had an immense amount of paperwork that they had to organize and process. Anthony Krake, Environmental Safety and Quality Management at Alpine, took the lead in finding a new way to process all of the data coming into the office.

Alpine’s jobsites were on an average of 2+ hours away from their home office. A jobsite inspector came into the office on average once every other month, sometimes once every three months, depending on the distance. Since the visits were so sporadic and infrequent, the daily jobsite paperwork was turned in just as infrequently, and in batched volumes. This caused delays for the administrative staff as they reviewed and processed the batches of paperwork. The office would frequently find errors with the forms and/or could not read them because of physical damage (water, paint, etc).

Each job site would have 3-4 forms that would have to be filled out daily. The forms would be submitted weeks after completion because the jobsites were so far from our home office to drive in more frequently. We would then find problems with the paperwork and would have to drive the forms back out to the jobsite to fix the errors, wasting resources and time” says Anthony.

Anthony knew there had to be a better way to get the data into their systems. Alpine was using Box Cloud Storage to store and manage their data and records. Anthony started the search for a solution to their paperwork problems by looking on Box’s partner pages. This is when Anthony found the GoFormz Mobile Forms and Reports Platform

He immediately integrated the two systems and started converting the daily paperwork over to a mobile version, therefore launching their company into a digital transformation.

“We saw an instant change in the quality of the data coming in. The conditional logic helped our project managers make sure all the right questions were answered and all the data was filled in before submitting a form.”

With instant access to the forms after completion, the administrative staff was able to catch errors sooner and have a faster processing turnaround time. The field staff also became more efficient with their turnaround time as well.

“The shop facility was able to fill out a work order with a customer and send it in for approval, and within minutes, the job is approved and assigned to the right team, thanks to the conditional logic and rules we have built into our forms.”

Not only were they working more efficiently and submitting better data, they also looked more professional to their customers.

The data collected from the field was instantly transferred into their box account, helping the office staff with organization and prioritization. The office now had an efficient, well-oiled workflow that helped their company improve quality control on sites and project management.

GoFormz has proven to be a competitive advantage and a marketing tool for Alpine. Having a comprehensive digital form system is a huge differentiator when they work with clients. GoFormz empowers Alpine to provide their customers with real time visibility into job progress and the forms themselves. In fact, customers are so impressed by this experience that after using Alpine’s services, their clients often make digital form systems a requirement in future bids.

“This wasn’t just a solution that made our data more organized, it’s a huge marketing tool – few companies in our industry have a digital form system like this. When we pitch our clients, it makes us look better and more professional than anyone else. We can give our clients access to our forms instantly and they can track their progress more.”

Anthony was recognized by the President of the American Society of Safety Engineers for his innovation and received an Honorable Mention for his outstanding work. Thanks to the digital transformation they went through, Alpine now use GoFormz for 18 forms that their team uses on a daily basis.


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