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Bonnie Crofford

Cape Town,South Africa
  • Company Size:Independent Consultant
  • Year founded:2016

AboutBonnie Crofford

Global Digital Marketing & Brand Growth Consultant:
A passion for people & devising strategies that attract ideal audience and retain their attention.
Focused on strategically creating visibility and trust of my clients brands through conscientious networking and marketing.

Emerging Technology & Transformational Marketing:
Special interest in the Social Impact capabilities of emerging technology. Leveraging the capabilities to gain and retain long term loyalty from customers in the consumer driven age of connectivity.
Extensive experience in website design, SEO, social media marketing across a spectrum of business sectors working with clients globally to increase their visibility online, affording a 360 perspective of what the customer wants and how to provide it.

Knowledge and understanding of the Decentralised technologies including Blockchain and Smart Contracts as well as Ai, chat bots and mobile applications provides a broad spectrum of opportunities to grow your Brand in achieving your goals.

Global Top Level Networker & Conversationalist:
A carefully curated global network of top level individuals in the corporate, leadership and entrepreneurial arenas, offers clients an opportunity to feature on headers on Linkedin and other powerful networks to enhance visibility for B2B marketing, leveraging funding and venture capital. (to name a few reasons)
As a prolific conversationalist across multiple channels, this unparalleled visibility exponentially grows the ‘Trust Value of Your Brand’ whilst continuously reminding your potential and current clients of your existence.
The Networth of my network is continuously growing, at present in the 10s of Billions whilst the people I touch reaches the 100’s of Thousands across every sector and continent.

Advisor to ICO’s in the Blockchain & Emerging technology arena:
An avid lover of technology, deeply invested in the cryptocurrency sector, act as an advisor to technology startups in Strategic Marketing, Community Building, Social Impact opportunities and responsibilities.

Training & Workshops in Consumer acquisition and retention through valuable SEO practices available remotely or on site, globally.

Culminating 25+ Years work & lifetime of learning into #Pi – a circular matrix solution to poverty : a ‘sub-economy’ that supports the current one whilst uplifting the poorest. ¬†Using the Moral Code I devised to instigate a global change in attitude to grow the system without borders.


Digital Strategy, Branding, Entrepreneur.

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