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Kosanuq organizes the digital transformation of enterprises and organizations. In practical terms, this means the introduction of a digital platform that if core work system:

  • Stakeholders in an organization (customers, employees,shareholders as well as social influences such as laws and regulations or CSR) get assigned a specific role or position;
  • Customer and internal processes are automated and linked to the functional organisation which grip arises on the implementation of the business strategy;
  • 90% of automating takes place without programming code, as a result of which business users are directly involved and through the agile/scrum methodology results faster and the risk of failures is reduced.
  • Existing systems (legacy) are directly or indirectly linked to the platform so that relevant information from, for example, CRM or ERP systems available in the implementation of the business processes.

Data that is added to, or generated by, the digital platform is stored in a SQL database server that is fully available to the user (this is in contrast to many existing software products where the database server exclusive is managed by the software vendor). Big Data analyses are reality.

What do we do? Strategy execution by integrating governance, business processes, employees, databases and systems and thereby transforming organisations digitally.

How do we do it? “High tech, high touch”. AuraPortal, our digital platform, lets you take the next step, without any doubt! But your people need to embrace change. We achieve that change with Workshops, Brown Papers, Training, Action Learning and Coaching.


Digital Transformation, Business process analysis, Action-based learning, Financial law, Corporate law, Administrative law, Compliance, kwaliteitborging.

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